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Grbl is a free, open source embedded CNC controller for the AVR series of microcontrollers. The initial version is still under development. The source code and an overview of the current status can be found at the github repository. These are my development notes.



A matter slicer for any CNC

Discovered the Cricut via Ladyada the other day. She points to this instructable where Instructables user opendous makes solder masks using the “lowly” scrapbooking machine. I don’t need yet another machine sitting around the house, but I see that Cricut sells affortable blades and blade housing ready for CNC action. I’m ordering a Cricut Deep Cut Blade Housing to add foil and paper cutting powers to my micRoHere’s a nice picture of it. 

Interesting detail: The Circut is powered by an atmega-chip, just like the Grbl.

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