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Grbl is a free, open source embedded CNC controller for the AVR series of microcontrollers. The initial version is still under development. The source code and an overview of the current status can be found at the github repository. These are my development notes.



First complete job … completed

I finished a little Air-app to stream complete jobs to the Grbl and render the result. This is the first “full scale test” running some 7000 lines of sample G-code I scrounged from this thread on CncForum. The Air-app feeds g-code to the microcontroller one line at a time, while the microcontroller generates the steps and feeds them back to be simulated in the Air-app. Everything seems to be working perfectly - the only thing missing now is a test with real steppers on a real machine.

You can get the code for the Air-based test-harness at the github-repository

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